Why do startups thrive in a plug-and-play environment?

Why do startups thrive in a plug-and-play environment?

Plug-and-play offices have become a popular option, particularly among start-ups, freelancers, and businesses taking their early steps. Whether used as a short- or long-term solution, plug-and-play offices are a great alternative to traditional office spaces, and for a good reason.

With their scalability and optimised costs, plug-and-play offices offer a private office with whatever you need to support your business and your team, with added flexibility and benefits that can further aid business growth and success.

The rise of plug-and-play offices

 Despite the increase in hybrid and remote work options—having a physical office you or your employees can go to is still a beneficial element of today’s workplace. Not only does it make your company look more professional, but it also makes it easier to create and maintain company culture and supports work-life balance.

The pandemic has revolutionised work as we know it—so now that we’re coming out the other side of the pandemic, most businesses and workers are figuring out what the future of work will look like. And although tomorrow’s workplace is still a work in progress, one thing is sure—flexibility needs to be at the core of it.

As the name suggests, in plug-and-play offices, you can move in, plug in your computer, and work—which is as flexible as it gets. But this is not it—the benefits of this office option goes beyond its convenience or cost efficacy. One often undervalued perk of plug-and-play offices is their community-focused nature—which has shaped our approach to the plug-and-play solutions we offer at Avenue 77.

Building community and businesses

By now, we know it—having an office makes it easier to create relationships and connections. From those water cooler moments between colleagues discussing what they’ve been up to over the weekend to in-person brainstorming sessions or grabbing lunch with a fellow entrepreneur or start-upper to talk about any potential collaborations—face-to-face interactions still prove valuable, even in today’s digitalised world.

Being in an environment that supports networking and socialisation and just being around like-minded, creative people is a make-or-break for most start-ups, from taking their first steps to taking off. More often than not, bringing people together in a community can help them share ideas and experiences to grow together through their successes or failures.

At Avenue 77, our tenants will be invited to exclusive events held periodically with the intention of bringing the Avenue77 community together. Our plan includes workshops, networking events, and leisure activities through which our tenants can meet fellow entrepreneurs and professionals and build relationships, in an informal and fun environment.

This concept, together with the on-site leisure facilities offered at Market 77, make Avenue 77 a breeding ground for innovative joint projects and ideas or to find new leads and clients. Plus, it’s a great way of finding the best talent to help you achieve your business goals, too—whether that’s a contractor or a full-time employee.

Supporting work-life balance

With the pressure of knowing that 80% of startup businesses fail within the first two years, it’s increasingly difficult for start-uppers to achieve a real work-life balance. Especially in the early days, it’s easy to feel like you need to be doing it all to ensure success.

However, this can inevitably lead to burnout—which does more harm than good to your start-up’s overall health. This is why it’s essential to ensure founders and employees look after their work-life equilibrium, even in the business’ early stages—which tend to be the most stressful.

Through the plug-and-play facilities at Avenue 77, we’re giving our tenants the facilities they need to be productive during their working hours and to fit in personal needs during their day. Not only does this motivate them to work harder and aim higher—but it also makes them happier.

Facilities at Avenue77 include:

  • Meeting room facilities
  • On-site parking facilities
  • E-car charging stations
  • Alternative transport solutions
  • Catering establishments
  • Bar
  • Fully equipped Gym
  • Laundry Service
  • Parcel wall service

Develop your business with Avenue 77

Growing a start-up business is not easy. But, by opting for one of the plug-and-play offices at Avenue 77, we take care of all your office needs allowing you more time to focus on yourcore business 

Whether you need a private office for one, two or twelve people, a flexible office for a few days a month, a day pass or co-working space, Avenue 77 has you covered from the get go. We invite you to read more about our plug-and-play solutions, or contact us directly for more information now.