The 4 top benefits of having recreational and retail areas in the workplace

Employee satisfaction is of utmost importance for successful companies—and the reasons why are hard to debate. Happy employees tend to be more engaged and productive, and most of all, less likely to look for the exit door. Plus, having a happy workforce makes it easier to create a healthy and positive company culture, which in turn helps attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

One of the ways organizations maintain their employees’ satisfaction, is by optimizing the one place they’re likely to spend most of their on-site working hours—the office. Whether it’s by choosing a strategic location, creating recreational areas for employees, or a little bit of both, ensuring your employees have ample opportunities to unwind has become as important as giving them the right tools to work in the modern workplace.

The following are a few reasons why having recreational and retail areas can be beneficial for both employees and employers alike.

#1: Improving work-life balance

We spend at least one-third of our lives at work—with an average of 90,000 hours in a lifetime, making it the activity most of us will spend our lives doing the most during a lifetime, aside from sleeping.

Especially after the pandemic, and the shift in priorities it brought with it in the world of work, professionals are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of achieving the right balance between their professional and personal lives.

As a result, those employers championing their team’s work-life balance, and supporting them through different perks and initiatives have been able to continue hiring talented professionals, and avoid attrition.

Having on-site leisure & catering facilities allows Avenue 77 tenants not only the choice of unwinding after a day’s work but also the convenience of having such under the same roof. In addition, the convenience store located within Market 77 means our tenants can grab any groceries and household items during and after office hours, without wasting any extra time commuting before returning home – freeing up more time for themselves.

#2: Facilities networking


Having leisure areas in the workplace is one of the top ways to promote building interpersonal relationships among colleagues while creating a strong team and boosting their overall morale. A team that knows how to work well together is much more likely to achieve success in what they do—as it helps foster loyalty and synergy among the different members.

Popping to the bar for a quick coffee or drink together, grabbing a bite at the food corner, or joining a workout class at the gym together helps forge lasting relationships between colleagues, and just makes work even more fun too.


#3: Supports a positive and productive company culture


Work-life balance, teamwork—these, together with a strong workplace community are among the key elements of building a successful employee-first company culture.

It’s one of those win-win situations in the business world—the better the company culture, the happier your employees are, and the more empowered they feel to give their best for the organization they work for. As a catalyst for better performance, a strong company culture allows businesses to attract and retain the best candidates, which in turn improves productivity and revenue. That is not only essential to avoid employee attrition but also for the overall success of a business.


#4: Perks for talent attraction


Finding the right candidates has always been difficult—but with the Great Resignation still in full swing, and shortage of staff in most industries, it has become much harder. Perks and benefits have always been among the leading strategies for employee recruitment and retention. However, staying on top of which benefits appeal to your workforce and any potential candidates is something employers have faced for a long time. With the rise of hybrid and remote work options, this has become even more prominent.

With discounts, subsidized meals or snacks being listed among the perks employee want most—having catering and retail areas in the workplace makes it easier for employers to implement these perks, and for employees to make use of them.


Market77’s leisure and retail services

Avenue 77 is a new kind of workplace, in which our tenants have the possibility to socialize and unwind and benefit from other services under the same roof apart from going to work.. Providing a healthy mix of services to accommodate the tenants and make their life easier is a priority.—which is why apart from offering ready to be tailored offices, and plug and play offices, we dedicated one floor at street level for leisure purposes, better referred to as Market77

Does this sound like something you’d love to offer to your team? Find out more about our retail and hospitality services at Market 77, and get in touch with us for more information now.