10 Mind-Blowing Facilities/Amenities at Avenue 77

10 Mind-Blowing Facilities/Amenities at Avenue 77 

Avenue 77, located at the heart of Malta’s Central Business District is redefining the concept of office spaces in Malta, setting new standards with its diverse range of office amenities.

From tailored open-plan offices to cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions, Avenue 77 brings together innovation, comfort, and productivity.

We’ve designed our spaces to cater to our tenants’ professional and daily personal needs. In short, you can work, meet, collaborate, work out, dine and socialise — all under one roof, seven days a week.

In this blog post, we will take you through some of the top-notch on-site office amenities to get a sense of the unparalleled experience you can expect when you visit us.


1. Private Floors

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Ranging from 250m² to 670m², our Private Floors offer much more than a traditional workspace — expertly designed to provide a conducive environment for companies to succeed.

All offices are equipped with terraces, raised flooring, HVAC systems, and highly secure internet services throughout the building. Tenants also gain access to boardrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, and other business centre facilities at preferential rates.

2. Plug-and-Play Offices

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Avenue 77 also caters to those looking for a more convenient solution ready for immediate use. Our plug-and-play offices are ready-to-use workspaces that provide businesses with peace of mind to hit the ground running — ideal for those looking for an immediate operational base or seeking to expand seamlessly.

Additionally, all offices are complete with our amenities, providing businesses with a hassle-free setup to hit the ground running in no time.

3. Meeting Rooms & Training Amenities

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Meetings and corporate events are part and parcel of every business.

This is why, at Avenue 77, you’ll find various meeting rooms and event venues tailored to accommodate multiple business needs.

These spaces provide the ideal environment for intimate gatherings, brainstorming sessions, or larger corporate events, fostering collaboration and engagement.

Furthermore, our event spaces can accommodate up to 150 people whilst our meeting rooms can accommodate up to 16 people and our conference rooms can accommodate up to 50 people. There’s also an auditorium that can welcome a maximum of 40 people.

For more specific information about our events and meeting rooms, read more on our blog post here.

4. Concierge Services and Welcome Lounge amenities

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 There’s nothing like a welcoming environment to establish a great workplace and make a positive first impression with guests.

At Avenue 77, you’ll find dedicated concierge services — including guest reception and package handling — and a welcoming lounge where tenants can relax, socialise, network and mail and package handling.

5. Amenities – Fitness, Wellness, and Social Spaces

Gym amenities

At Avenue 77, we so far offer:

  • Studiofifteen – Fitness Center : Equipped gym managed by professional instructors, promoting well-being and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Antonio’s Signature and Dee Spas: On-site grooming and relaxation facilities to enhance the work-life balance of our tenants.
  • Freemyme classes
  • Restaurants and Cafes to cater for all tastebuds: Options include Cuba, Coffee Fellows, and Panku Streetfood, providing a diverse range of culinary experiences within the workspace.
  • AV7: A trendy bar setting, perfect for post-work gatherings or casual meetings.

6. High-Tech Office Amenities

Office amenities technology

At Avenue 77, technology is at the heart of our mission. Included in our offering are industry-leading technology solutions, all designed to help make the work life of our tenants more efficient.

Similarly, we designed our own Avenue 77 App—a centralised control hub for seamless facility management. With our unique app, you can access office spaces and lifts, receive updates on concierge services, book meeting rooms, and get the latest information about any community events being organised.

7. Sustainability Efforts 

sustainable amenities

Sustainability is another core value for us at Avenue 77.

Our PV system returns surplus energy to the grid, and our energy-efficient infrastructure features raised flooring for optimal ventilation and temperature control.

Electric charging points are available throughout the underground parking.

Avenue 77 is also centrally located and easily accessible via public transport.

Additional Amenities

In addition to our core offerings, Avenue 77 extends a range of supplementary amenities aimed at further enriching the tenant experience:

    • Parcel Wall: Providing wall lockers for your mail and packages.
    • Portughes Laundry Lockers : Providing a hassle free drop off and collection service for our tenants 24/7.
    • Parking facilities: We have 225+ parking spaces on-site, ensuring accessibility while providing our tenants and guests with convenience and ease of access to our workspace.

    • Optimal Work Environment: Several open air terraces and lounge areas provide relaxation space for members to enjoy during breaks or work hours. Mixed with the vibrant space at street level where one can eat, exercise, relax and unwind alone or with friends.

    • Tightly-knit community: Our dedicated team at Avenue 77 is committed to fostering a closely connected community within the workspace, emphasising a collaborative environment where teamwork flourishes. New tenants are warmly welcomed, and our team facilitates a seamless relocation process, ensuring a smooth transition for all.

    • Collaborative atmosphere: Avenue 77 organises various engaging social events to stimulate collaboration and camaraderie. These gatherings provide an informal setting where individuals can work together, fostering a relaxed yet collaborative ambience.

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