Introducing Avenue 77

There’s a brand-new business centre in the works—and it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Equipped with the latest automation and technology, and a state-of-the-art design, all in a warm, comfortable and functional environment—Avenue 77 is changing the concept of the business centres as we know it.

Located in Malta, and conveniently positioned at the primary entrance to the Central Business District, Avenue 77 is a 12,000m2 mixed-use development consisting of office space, retail and catering establishments, open spaces and pedestrian areas. Boasting both ready-to-be-tailored offices ranginging between 400m² and 600m², and an innovative business centre consisting of 3000 m² of unique serviced workspace, Avenue 77 is a fresh take on the office domain—tailored for those looking to start or scale their business, as well as those looking for a functional space from where to work remotely. 

A one-stop solution

Conceptualised by Soulbricks, an international leading real estate designer and operator, Avenue 77 is a boundary-blurring combination of traditional office spaces and a fully-serviced business centre. Designed by the world-famous Sophie Top, this space merges comfort and technology—creating a tranquil space for residents to focus while working, while equipped with the latest technology to drive their productivity.

Whether it’s work, meeting a client, collaborating with a colleague, working out at a gym, running last-minute errands or unwinding over dinner with family—Avenue 77 has reimagined the concept of workplace, taking it to a whole new level. Visitors and tenants alike can benefit from office space, retail and catering establishments, and green spaces all under one, centralised roof.

Stepping towards work-life balance

Covid-19 has revolusionised the way we live—and as a result, the way we work. Let’s face it, the concept of work has changed, and as we slowly come out the other side, we must adapt to this shift. With the surge in flexible and remote work arrangements, as well as the increased attention around employee wellbeing—work-life balance has taken centre stage and continues to do so as we navigate our way out of the pandemic. And although the future might still look a little blurry—one thing appears to be certain, and that is that the future of work is flexible.

This is why one of our fundamental objectives was to create a destination in which anyone working or visiting Avenue 77 can enjoy an optimised workspace, whilst at the same time have access to a vibrant and motivating environment to help support this pursuit to an improved mental and physical wellbeing. It’s just easier to find this crucial balance if all your needs can be catered for at a stone’s throw—saving not only time, but also energy and effort.

Home to residents and nomads alike 

With around 18% of people around the globe working remotely full-time, an estimated 15.5 million digital nomads worldwide, and the number of freelancers on the rise, Malta has become an even more popular destination as a WFH (work from home) base. Whether it’s the all year round pleasant weather, its strategic location, a mix of both or none, we wanted to build a space that employees can call home during their stay—whether that’s a long or short term one. And although the advantages of this flexible lifestyle may be many, one of our key goals was to help alleviate some of the biggest challenges statistically associated with remote work—such as unplugging after work, loneliness, and communication/collaboration.

Our mix of private offices, flexible offices and coworking solutions provide a unique opportunity for locals and digital nomads alike to not only work while at their desks, but also connect and network—providing an array of professional and business growth possibilities. Through a close-knit community, Avenue 77 will be a place where people can enjoy collaborating surrounded by whatever they’d need to do so, including social events throughout the year post working hours.

Where technology meets sustainability

State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of Avenue 77—and plays a crucial role in the daily running of our business. We’ve given particular attention to ensuring we’re maximising its use to the benefit of our residents and guests, ensuring the smoothest possible stay. This is why we’ve developed a tailor-made app, through which users can access all of our services at their fingertips. Through the Avenue 77 app, guests can access their office spaces and lifts, as well as be notified of any visitor arrivals, book meeting rooms with extras, receive delivery notifications, connect with all tenants of Avenue 77 and stay in the loop with all the concierge services provided and community events being organised.

But that’s not it. The business centre is equipped with a highly secure, redundant internet service. As is the retail space at the Avenue.

While guaranteeing the best technology solutions for our tenants, we do this sustainably. Special attention is given to ensuring all environmental obligations are met and respected. We’re currently working towards the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) “very good” certification, the longest established rating system of its kind. This also includes anything related to the acoustic performance of the building, air quality and distribution of natural light within the premises—which, being at its optimal benefits the environment and tenants and visitors alike.

Similarly, we’re focused on providing alternative means of transport—whether that’s public transport available at our doorstep, or advantageous transport packages that will be made available for e-scooters, e-bikes and car-sharing. We’ll also be providing on-site parking spaces, as well as chargeable points for electric cars for those who prefer using their private cars to access our premises.

The future looks bright

Being a work-in-progress has never been this exciting—and we can’t wait to launch our space later on this year, in order to welcome our tenants and guests to the workplace of the future. In the meantime, if you’d like to receive the latest news from Avenue 77, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook. For any further questions or queries, we’re always one message away