Hospitality and flexibility: Embracing the modern workplace

The world of work is changing, rapidly. Particularly with the rise of remote and hybrid work options, the speedy digital acceleration, and the Great Resignation overshadowing the hiring markets of most industries—employees are increasingly looking for much more from their jobs than just a paycheck at the end of the month.

While before the pandemic, a ping-pong table, and the promise of a free lunch might have been enough to entice most professionals to an organization—the pandemic and the shifts caused as a result of it have changed that completely. An added focus on work-life balance, hybrid-first workplaces, as well as the changing hiring trends, means employers looking to hire and retain the best talent must understand what benefits and perks to offer to their current and prospective employees to reflect the new needs of today’s workforce.

With studies showing that employees happier with the perks they’re being offered are 4x likelier to be satisfied with their jobs, standing out in an increasingly competitive hiring market is pivotal for most organizations to succeed. Most of a worker’s time is spent in an office, whether partially or fully, so making that environment as optimised and comfortable as possible has never been this important—making workplace hospitality a key element in forward-looking perks and benefits packages. 


The modern workplace


The modern workplace is far from the dull office environment in which employees spend their 9-5—it’s all about honing the space available in the best way possible to create an experience-driven, employee-focused space that not only facilitates productivity, networking and socialising but also makes it easier for them to disconnect and get that much-needed down-time.

At Avenue 77, we’ve made this our mission and created an experience that integrates comfort, workspace, technology and a relaxed atmosphere in which our tenants and guests are provided with the amenities they need to work and relax.

We offer five blocks of office solutions spread over four levels—with each floor hosting medium to large open plan offices finished with raised flooring and a business centre providing full service private offices and coworking solutions, to accommodate start-ups, freelancers and well established local and international companies. Each office enjoys  open spaces and terraces. Whether it’s for a long or short term stay, we wanted to create office spaces in which our tenants feel welcome and comfortable, which also help alleviate some of the biggest challenges statistically associated with this era of remote and hybrid work—such as disconnecting after work, loneliness, and problems with communication/collaboration.

Hospitality and the workplace


This significant shift in work habits has redimensioned the element of workplace hospitality too. Previously confined to perhaps just a coffee machine and or a snack station, employers are looking to offer much more when it comes to corporate food service environments—especially as Millennials and Gen Z employees continue to populate the hiring markets. With both generations growing up studying and working in more informal environments, such as cafes, more employers are reimagining their office space to include environments that emulate the same comfortable, design-based and flexible environments to facilitate collaboration and engagement.

With forward-looking organizations such Salesforce and Microsoft embracing these trends, hospitable work environments have become a must in most workplace projects.

Not only have we prioritised having a top-notch design across all our spaces at Avenue 77, but we’ve also incorporated elements of hospitality to ensure our premises reflect this significant change while ensuring the best possible experience for our tenants and their guests alike.

First impressions matter, so we provide a welcome lounge where you can greet and chat with your guests while enjoying a coffee. Similarly, our on-premises bar is a great place to meet colleagues and customers after work to unwind over drinks or just grab a cup of coffee while catching up on your emails if you’re craving a change of scenery.

Technology-driven hospitality


Workplace hospitality is intertwined with technology—and to facilitate the smoothest experience possible, we’ve developed our tailor-made app through which users can access all Avenue 77’s hospitality services in one go. Guests will be notified directly of any visitor arrivals or delivery notifications, book any meeting rooms on-premises while connecting with all Avenue 77 tenants and receive updates on concierge services and community events coming up.

And, we want our technology-driven hospitality to be environmentally sustainable. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because sustainability is at the forefront of most employee’s priorities—with 80% of millennials saying they’d be more loyal to companies contributing to social and environmental issues, and 64% saying they would refuse a job offer unless the company had a strong corporate social responsibility, for instance.

At Avenue 77, we’re working towards the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) “very good” certification, which is the longest-standing rating system of its kind, and is inclusive of acoustic performances of the building, air quality, and the distribution of natural light within the premises—which are all extremely important in hospitality and workplaces alike.

Embracing flexibility


Organisations welcoming the future of work are embracing all the different facets of this newfound flexibility. And, adapting the spaces they work in to empower their employees to give their best while facilitating their wellbeing plays a crucial role. If you’re looking for an elevated workplace experience in which they can thrive, Avenue 77 can provide you with the space to do so. Work, meet, collaborate, work out, dine and socialise all under one roof with our ready to be tailored office spaces, serviced workspaces, and Market 77 facilities.

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